Breaking: Kartel Not Guilty!

The Jury have reached a verdict in the Clive ‘lizard’ Williams murder trial in which Adijah Palmer aka Vybz Kartel is a co-defendant.  After significant deliberation the Jury returned a verdict of not guilty.

vybz-kartel-trialA reliable source claims that the jury was influenced by the effective arguments of the defendant’s lawyer Tom Tavares-Finson.  Tavares-Finson based a significant portion of the defense’s case on the idea that Adijah Palmer cannot be held responsible for anything that his musical persona does.

“My client is Mr. Palmer and it is ridiculous to hold him responsible for the actions of an entirely fictional character such as the artiste Vybz Kartel!” Mr Tavares-Finson said, “in fact, I am sure that by the end of this trial, it will be clear that if anyone is to be convicted of murdering Clive Lizard, it should be Vybz Kartel and not Adijah Palmer.”

Mr Tavares-Finson emphasized that a distinction must be made between the artiste and the individual.   He cited legal precedence in the infamous Mannatt enquiry in which the then governing Jamaica Labour Party sought to separate its actions as a political party from its status as the presiding Government of Jamaica.  In that case the iteration of the Jamaica Labour Party which formed the government argued that the actions of the political Jamaica Labour Party to assist Christopher “dudus” Coke cannot in anyway reflect on the government and by extension the nation.

During the trial, Mr Tavares-Finson quoted several of Kartel’s popular songs and while he admitted that they are loosely based on reality, he insisted that it is obvious that they exaggerate reality to such an extent that even the least discerning of individuals would immediately dismiss the lyrics as fictional.  ”As we all know, even young children who come across these songs know that its just fun and games,” Tavares-Finson said,  ”for instance, when Kartel sang in 2011, “gun tief fi dead, kill them with my player hater gun,” we must process that only within the context of a song which has no bearing on the real world,” he continued.

This line of argument was further reinforced when the accused Adijah Palmer finally took the stand.  ”My Lord, I bleach my skin my Lord, and I’m heavily tattooed, but my Lord that is merely superficial.  That is part of the persona of Vybz Kartel NOT Adijah Palmer,” he said.

Our source indicates that the jury strongly agreed with the position taken by Mr Palmer and his lawyer that Vybz Kartel and his  songs exist in an “entertainment vacuum” and as such Kartel’s actions with regard to the victim in question cannot be relevant to any case against the defendant.

 Justice Lennox Campbell is now in a quandary as to how to free Mr. Palmer without releasing Vybz Kartel.

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